Your sweet eyes

Color! ‘Aint it grand?

It’s a feast for the eyes, a feast I believe we need to feel our most resilient and inspired. 

(If you live in the northeast like I do, you’re probably starved for it at this time of year!)

We’re in a rental until the end of June so I must do without my fiesta ware that awaits me in my cupboards at home and I can’t very well buy a bucket of paint and slap a bright new coral coat on the walls. So, I do what I can.

I put orange and yellow bell peppers in my salad. I put beets and broccoli in my stir-fry. I drink from my bright green mug. I buy myself a handful of purple tulips at Trader Joes. I look for colors when I scour the second hand stores, one of my favorite places to take myself for a date. 🙂  Last week I found a beautiful turquoise cashmere sweater for under $6.00. Score! 

Not everyone loves the same colors, clearly, nor does everyone feel the need for a LOT of color. There are times when I crave a deep crimson and other times when a pale slate blue can make me swoon. It’s more about tuning in to pleasure, to our senses, to what our eyes want to drink in at a particular moment, to the ways our souls are set afire or soothed by our surroundings. 

We are sensory beings, after all. And, according to my fantastic coach friend Kasia, our eyes are transmitting 10 million bits of information to our brain per second, compared to the less than 2 million bits from the skin, ears, smell, and taste receptors COMBINED. Yow. That’s a lotta eye-balling!!

Your eyes, your sweet hard-working, endlessly scanning eyes are giving you a lot. Why not give them something lovely to see this week?

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