The TAO of YouWhat would love do?

Your Big Heart

There’s a big heart in all of us that holds all our answers.

It’s full and strong and resilient and pulsing with love, endless love, for you and all of your human everything-ness.

It sees you, welcomes you, ADORES you, has wisdom for you.

No matter how many times you forget to ask or feel too scared to listen, it stays steady and unabashedly on message.

It never takes it personally.

It never gets antsy or annoyed or resentful or petty.

It never runs out of its brilliance, its shine, its soulful flame.

It’s hearty.

And hardy, robust, fierce, and tender.

It’s tireless.

Your heart has your back.

And your heart doesn’t care about time. Not one fig.

It doesn’t even know what that is. Your heart’s all, Time? WTF is that? 

So, dear reader, what does your heart want?

Stop. Ask. Listen. Act. Repeat.

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