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You have a calling

Listen: You have a calling. 
There is something that wants to come through you, right now. It’s not entirely you, nor entirely of you, but it does need you in order to be brought to the world. 
You are the living breathing being that is required to bring this thing into form. There is no one else that can do it, quite the way you can. 
No one. 
Your job is to become aware of it and then honor it by acting on it in some small way. To start. 
It’s not grandiose to believe that you have something to say, to do, to make, to express. I promise you. 
It’s correct. It’s truth. It’s the way of it. 
The world needs every one of us, in ways large, small, and everything in between.

The world needs you. 

Sit with yourself right now. Breathe. Get still. Feel the spaciousness inside of you, how it expands in all directions without end even though that doesn’t make any sense. After all, you are only this one person of this one size taking up this one chunk of space. 
But no. 

You are so much more than your physical body, your collection of memories and experiences, your tally of strengths and challenges and opinions and fears and dreams. 
You are an infinite being with an interior that is as mysterious and vast as the universe with an access point to information that wants you, needs you, requires you to reach out and take it and move with it.
I’m not being woo woo here. 
Nobody knows where consciousness comes from.
Nobody knows where ideas, inspiration, and moments of insight and genius comes from. 
Nobody knows where that GUT FEELING comes from other than, sure, the general area around our belly where we seemed to get that sinking or growing or tugging or knowing feeling ‘deep down’ that always turns out to be 1000% right on.
So. What is it telling you? What is it calling to you to do?

What do you know, deep down? What do you want, deep down? What do you feel, need, care about, keep returning to, keep fantasizing about, deep down?

Don’t get ahead of yourself with questions about the how and the time-table and the end result. Your infinite and vast and mystery portal is tossing something out to you.
Reach each out catch it. 

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