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You don’t have to get rid of anything

Despite what Marie Kondo says, you don’t have to get rid of anything.

Isn’t that a relief?

You CAN, if you want.

You can get rid of that old pair of undies with the stretched out elastic or that brand new sweater you bought that’s too itchy or that old tube of lipstick that you’ve been digging into with your fingernail.

You can get rid of that routine that your best friend swears by even though it never really felt right to you, or that plan about what this new year will bring or that SUPER old misunderstanding about who you need to be in order for other people to like you.

Or you can keep it all, keep everything that you have in this moment–the imperfect clothing, the chipped dishes, the self-critical thought, and keep going after what you want, one little foot in front of the other. Like my friend who dashed about all day, hither and yon, without realizing she had an old pair of undies bunched up in the leg of her pants.


I love that.

See, one of the most radical, liberating, and encouraging things I’ve heard this entire decade is There is no ideal state.

We don’t need to get rid of anything before we take a step closer to what matters.

We don’t need to attain a particular feeling state in order to act on our own behalf.

We don’t need to solve the insecurity or doubt. We don’t need to irradicate the disappointment, regret, or fear. We don’t need to soothe the nerves or the worry, the sadness or the jittery distraction that bubbles up.

We don’t need to get rid of anything and replace it with being PSYCHED or PUMPED or TOTALLY JAZZED.

I mean, if we are those things, okay.

But if we’re not? Okay.

Imagine how liberating it would be to let whatever is there, be there, to recognize it as energy, to notice it, acknowledge it, even announce it and have that announcement be greeted with: okay. To know it doesn’t have to mean anything about what’s next, what’s possible, and what’s really true.

Imagine not needing to manipulate it, fix it, heal it, or hide it before you give yourself permission to bring your big, beautiful, messy self to the world.

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