What’s Your New Story?

I’m having a hard time writing this morning. It might have something to do with being up for over 24 hours.

I flew back from California on the red-eye without one of those neck pillows and could not get a winky-dink of sleep. I went there for a combo-pack of visiting friends and attending a Kyle Cease workshop. It was a huge treat to have that time on my own, without my husband and son. I love them! And I also love being able to be in charge of my own time, follow my own rhythms, my own style, have no one to think about or attend to but myself. 

Anyway, I keep typing out sentences and then gobbling them up with my delete key. Maybe I’m trying to make my message more complicated that it is. Because truly, what I have to say is very simple:  

There are two stories that live inside us: the story of what’s possible and the story of how the very same thing is not possible. We might think these two are far apart but they’re not. They’re whisper close, almost touching. But they head in such entirely different directions that stepping from one to the other immediately puts us on a whole new trajectory that’s hard to see from the start.

We get to choose. It doesn’t always feel like a choice. That’s part of the old story, the feeling (or actually the thoughts) that give us all the reasons WHY the can’t or should or have to must win out. It masquerades as reason or fact or responsibility or being realistic but it’s justification, distraction, habit, and fear fear fear. 

It usually goes something like this–we get hit with inspiration. Maybe we’re doing something or watching something or reading about someone who did something or maybe an idea or memory or a dream pops into our mind and our body lights up. We feel fluttery or flushed, tickled, intrigued, tingly or suddenly very powerful and full and open, like anything is possible! We might also feel a little scared but it’s the good, alert scared not the trapped full of dread scared. 

We know the difference. 

That’s when the mind wakes up and starts tamping us down in all its ways, sucking us in to deflection and numbing with food, gossip, busyness, overcommitting, the sinkhole of social media, and the endless stream of movies and TV shows at the click of a mouse (can you tell, that’s my rabbit hole?). 

That’s when we get to choose: keep the old story alive or step into a new story. 

You don’t need therapy or coaching or a class or a book to make it happen (though those are fine!). All you need is to honor the energy of expansion and possibility, and then take one step from this new place. Show up and start. Not sure how? Ask yourself, if I was a person who believed I could do that, what small first step might I take?

Why? Because we are here to follow our feel good. It makes us happier, kinder, more resilient humans. We vibrate at a higher frequency which lifts the vibration in our family, workplace, friend-circle, and community. 

Lord knows the current state of affairs is calling out for a new story, a new energy, a higher energetic frequency. It may sound like a stretch to say getting off Facebook and breaking out your hula-hoop (or guitar or crayons or manuscript or business plan or adult ed catalogue) is going to change the world but I say, it’s exactly the place to start. 


“We know the truth by how it feels.”

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