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What if it’s all okay?

What if it’s all okay?

What if how you feel is okay? Even if right now, things really suck.

I’m not telling you that the thing that sucks right now is ‘meant to be’ or ‘for your highest good’ but I am suggesting that the feelings swirling around inside of you are okay. Even when they very much feel like they are not.

What if the path to freedom was found by opening to every single that that you are feeling and simply letting it be there? Because when you do that, the feelings move, shift, and morph into something new?

What if feeling grounded doesn’t come from pushing away fear, anger, hurt, disappointment, and nerves in pursuit of ease, calm, joy, confidence, and curiosity?

What if we can feel grounded all the time, no matter what is swirling in us?

What if feeling grounded simply means, connecting to our truth in the moment, and honoring the physical sensations in our bodies without going in the STORY in our minds?

What if our only job here is to expand our tolerance for the full range of our body sensations without labeling some as BAD and others as GOOD while dodging our mind’s INTENSE and habitually drive to gallop us toward war (with ourselves, with others)?

Josh Pais, the actor, teacher, and creator of Committed Impulse says, “At this point in time, the essential survival strategy for our species is presence.”

Isn’t that good news?

It’s not being SKINNY or rich, wrinkle-free or in the perfect relationship. It isn’t being free of regret, sadness, or fear. It isn’t being famous or having a bunch of super close friends, a big ‘platform’, a kickass yoga or meditation practice, or rock hard abs.

It’s presence.

Being with ourselves, right now, exactly as we are.

I don’t know that we’re doing a bang-up job of that these days, you know? Certainly, the marketplace wants to keep us scared and grasping. Our government wants to keep us scared and distracted (and wildly misinformed). We don’t get a lot of support from the culture to simply tune in to ourselves right here right now and expand our capacity to be okay with what we find.

So, let’s try it right now.

Take a deep breath. Let it out. Scan your body.

Start at your feet and move up, ankles, calves, knees, thighs. Keep breathing in whatever way feels natural. Resist the urge to breath in a particular way to ‘relax’ or ‘let go’ of anything. In fact, just notice your breath—is it shallow? Shaky? Smooth? Skipping?

Go back to your body. Scan your pelvis, your lower back, your belly, up your torso, your shoulder, neck, arms, hands, your face, head. What do you notice? What sensations? Any tension? Anything feel sort of numb? Tingly? Achy?

How about emotions? What emotion might be inside the tightness in your chest?

Don’t try to do anything, change or fix anything. Just notice. And breath. And look around the room. Really see something in front of you. And feel what you feel. Try not to jump into the past or future about the WHY of what you find.

Tell me, did you do it?

I did. I felt nothing in my legs, tight in my lower back, vulnerable in my neck, pissed off in my face, and tight and protective in my shoulders. Once I noticed it all and let it be there, I laughed. Things shifted. I felt open in my face, tingly in my chest, and watchful in my shoulders. Then disappointed in my cheeks and sad in my mouth.

I also felt engaged and present, here, alive.

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