What are you itching to do?

We love quotes and sayings for the wisdom they offer because they express something we already knew but didn’t know that we knew until that moment. 
Wisdom lives inside all of us. When we hear it, we recognize it. 
Here’s one that’s pretty simple: Sometimes later becomes never.

That can be good, okay, or heartbreaking. 

Sometimes I’m itching to say something even though a part of me knows is not a good idea. It’s not about me being me. It’s about, OH YEAH ? WELL, HOW DO YOU LIKE THESE APPLES?!  If I don’t say it, later, I’m glad, relieved, even damn proud of my shining mental health. 
Sometimes I browse online, finding things that I love! Want! Need! I can feel the itch in my chest like little hands grasping at the screen. If I leave the items in my cart and go do something else, later, it’s clear that I didn’t need any of it.

But sometimes? I want to write a book and then a decade passes and I realize that I haven’t done it. I’ve tended to other things, fine things, even important things but the longing, disappointment, and regret claws at my heel like a lost part of me, slowing me down, trying to get my attention. 
I spent last weekend at a writing and meditation workshop with Dani Shapiro. She said many wonderful things including, “I write to discover what I know.” 
Yes! Isn’t that why we do anything—think, talk, compose, teach, read, wander, wonder, design, plant, bake, sew, dance, paint, take pictures, watch movies, seek out art and nature, wilderness, views—to not only learn the new thing but to discover the “unthought known”, what’s in us, what wants to come through? 
I have a story in me. It’s a book or a show. I’m not sure. But it’s in there and it’s going to cause discomfort until I get it out.

The weekend made something crystal clear: It’s time. Later is not going be never. Later is now.

I’ve been writing ten minutes a day. How will I make any progress in only ten minutes a day? That’s not my business. My business is to take small, manageable steps.  It’s a placeholder, an opening, a sit-up, a groove, a muscle, a habit, an answer to that lost or rather, ‘not yet’ part of me.

Small is key. Leaps are luscious. I love a leap! But small, sustainable steps cover more ground.

So, (you know what I’m going to say, right?) what are you itching to do? What have you put off, set aside, pushed away until later? 

Guess what? Later is NOW. 

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