The TAO of You

The TAO of You!

I recently stumbled upon a Facebook group called Crones of Anarchy–I mean can you even with that name? I love it. They are fierce and feminine and all out of fucks.

I asked to join but am I a crone? What is a crone? Are they women in the 3rd act of their lives or are they women who can no longer conceive?

I looked it up and here’s what I found: Crone = an old woman who is thin and ugly.

Fuck that.

Here’s another definition from the Crones Counsel: “Crone, hag, and witch once were positive words for old women. Crone comes from crown, indicating wisdom emanating from the head; hag comes from hagio meaning holy; and witch comes from wit meaning wise. Crones, hags, and witches frequently were leaders, midwives and healers in their communities.”

Yeah. That’s more like it. Crones are wise, holy, and powerful.

I have a button that says Gave My Last Fuck. Sometimes I wear it; sometimes I don’t. I have another button that says, Stopped Caring About Bullshit. That one I wear all the time. The first one though…

My hesitation to wear it everywhere and all the time is not about asking for permission or making apologies for anything. I love to swear.  But I don’t want to come from a place of aggression. I’m not interested in being all up in people’s grills. I don’t mind making people uncomfortable if their discomfort comes from them rejecting my strength, my power, my truth.

What I’m trying to say is, I’m not here to make people comfortable or uncomfortable. I’m here to be unabashedly myself.

This is what I love about the energy of the name Crones of Anarchy. It seems to me, they are all about inhabiting themselves: fully, freely, and finally.

Presuming I live to be 100, I’m still in the 2nd act of my life (2nd act = 40-69).  I’m a Crone-in-Training.

I’m here to practice the TAO of me. I don’t have to pretend anything, to know more than I know. I’m here to be Transparent, Authentic, and Open.

In life and work, we are seduced by our culture into believing we have to play a role, hide behind some false bravado and expertise when true boldness and confidence come from simply telling the truth in each moment, as best as we can.

Now. I’m speaking to the late bloomers in the audience, to the people who know they have desire, dreams, and gifts but feel confounded by not having ‘figured out’ a way to interweave those and bring them out into the world.

Tell the truth. In every moment. It will liberate you. That’s when wisdom shines through. Either the person you are speaking to will totally GROK you or, the very fact that you’re speaking from your truth will pave the way for them to do the same.

You are too powerful to waste any more time.
Too wise to let resistance stop you.
Too holy to hide.

Be all done with comparison, competition, and harsh self-talk. Be done with doubting, playing by anyone else’s rules, or trying to talk anyone into anything.

Step into the TAO of you.

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