Start Fresh

Regardless of how you feel about year-end taking of stock or setting of goals or making of resolutions, it’s natural to look back and ahead at this time of year.

So, my Dear Reader, what if you did it in a whole new way?

What if, instead of using any ‘evidence’ of how you fell short this year, you wipe the slate clean. sweep away all the expectations and pressures and preconceived notions of where you thought you HAD to be at this point and instead, start fresh.

Right now.


The truth is, there’s no way to have known where you’d be at this point until now, until you actually got here.

Who knew what this year would bring?

What new challenges or changes?

And, who could know who you would be at this point?

You get to be where you are. You get to WHOLLY and COMPLETELY inhabit the truth of the you in this moment.

It’s SO MUCH BETTER than any other YOU you might think you ought to be. Why? Because this you is what’s real. And the world needs the real you.

So, right now, today, set a timer for 3 minutes and write, without stopping or censuring or worrying about grammar, spelling, punctuation or being realistic or letting anyone down or proving anything to anyone. Don’t think about the PLAN for HOW to pull it off.

Just ask yourself these two questions and write the answer that comes from your heart:

• What is trying to come through me?
• What do I need to let go of to allow this ‘bigger’, freer, truer me to emerge?

Tell me how it goes! I’m going to be doing it, too. 🙂


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