Sing it

I like when I discover I’m more than I thought I was.

It can happen by accident or by grace or after a period of hard, hard work.

It can happen by pushing through or letting go, dropping down or leaping off into the unknown.

It can happen through gritted teeth or with a thrown-back head, after tears or a burst of laughter, after climbing, pulling, dragging, rolling, sliding, spinning my wheels or dancing with abandon.

It can happen in a group or when I’m alone.

Sometimes there’s a coach or a teacher who keeps sending me back for a redo, a rewrite–Forget it, I think, This is too hard, and then I find that loose floorboard and underneath, a gem.

It’s the feeling I get when I’m painting and suddenly, I’m being painted. It happened when I painted this lady. I was painting and unpainting at the same time, adding and subtracting, wetting and wiping.

I think that’s what we are here for–that discovery of our creative capacity. It can be an idea, a vision, a thought. It can be a meal, the way we rearrange the living room. It can be our work, our calling, or the words that come out of nowhere that comfort someone dear to us, or the silence we let happen that create the space needed to hold the enormity of someone’s sorrow.

We are here for that.

So today, Dear Reader, if you’re wondering about who you are, I’m here to tell you it’s bigger than you think.

I don’t mean big as in FLASHY or FAMOUS or some IMPROVED VERSION of your current self as in thinner, richer, more organized. I mean, your soul.

It’s waiting just on the other side of what your mind thinks it knows, waiting, waiting, waiting, without urgency or fear or a personal OPINION about whatever’s going on.

It’s like air, in, out, and then SWOOSH, it suddenly fills you with the truth of your song.

Sing it.

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