Shut Ins: A Guide



What a week, right?

Between scary and confusing news segments about COVID-19, you may ALSO be hearing messages about using this time to be UBER productive and accomplish every goal you’ve ever dreamed of, drag out art supplies, re-wallpaper your living room, organize the garage, clear out the attic, get BUFF and RIPPED, re-invent calculus, write a New York Times best-seller, design your own home-school curriculum, order backyard goats and chickens, CURATE your home photographs– 


If you’re feeling ANY pressure to have this whole new version of life figured out,  I’m here to say, whatever you’re doing or NOT DOING is A-OKAY.

I mean, how many pandemics have you experienced in your lifetime?

None, up until now, right?


It won’t last forever, but with so much uncertainty all around us, what’s called for first and foremost is TRUCKLOADS OF PERMISSION to be exactly where you are.

Wear pjs all day! Stare into space! Refresh twitter over and over! Look at pretty pictures on Pinterest! Watch movies or as Glennon Doyle says, ‘the sports’.  Eat standing in front of the open refrigerator! Don’t make the bed! 

It’s really okay. You get to transition. To whatever this is for however long it is. 

Rather than pile on the To Dos during this time of so many To Don’ts, give yourself some time. You’ll move into new routines. Your kids will learn things. You’ll get to that pile of laundry eventually. You’ll pluck those brows before the hair marches down to the lash line. 

I promised you a guide. Here it is:

1. Give yourself permission to be wherever you are.

2. Don’t compare what you are doing or not doing with anyone else. This is always a helpful tip but it’s critical now when so many of us feel rudderless and without purpose. Kindness is key.

3. Notice when you’ve left your body and climbed into your head where all the scary stuff goes round and round and round. Mind loves drama. That’s its jam.  But these days? Man, it’s like the mind’s best birthday present ever! It’s sitting in a pile of ALL THE THINGS TO PANIC ABOUT! I get it. Every night I have the Covid-19. Every night. And then every morning, I awake healthy, relieved, with a new lease on life. 

What helps? 

Coming back to the present. Coming back. Over and over and over. Coming back to your body, to your breath, to your immediate surroundings. Try this amazing practice by Josh Pais. 

Also, self-compassion. Here’s a bunch of free meditations from Kristin Neff.

4. Connect with one other person. Download the free version of Zoom. Start a new meeting and invite a friend, a neighbor, a sibling, etc.. Put your face very close to the camera. Show each other your fat rolls. Put on music and dance around. Stay on for 5 minutes or 3 or 1 minute. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Just connect. I did this with my family recently and we all basically talked at the same time while my Mom kept saying, WAIT–WHERE’S KYRA??? OH. THERE SHE IS!

5. If you want a little cul-cha, watch plays online.

6. If your kids are climbing the walls, have them learn to doodle with my neighbor Mo.

7. Need something to listen to while you eat an entire box of Mint Milanos? Download a new podcast:

8.  If you need something to do after you’ve organized your gloves, wipes, and hand sanitizer, this Wednesday at 6:30pm ET, When We All Vote’s Instagram live feed will teach us how to register voters online so we can GET RID OF THE DANGEROUS CRIMINAL IN THE WHITE HOUSE COME NOVEMBER.

9. Stare out the window.

10. Or just shuffle around the house in your undies or the fanciest gown you own.

This is big, Dear Reader. Yes. It is.

And we will get through it. 

We will. 

Sending tons of love to each and every one of you. 

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