Pick It Up

“It isn’t going to write itself.”

We’ve forgotten that every one of us is here to make things.

We’re here to make connections, families, new ideas, raspberry pies, jokes, schools, shops, gardens, shawls, paintings, stories, music, ceiling tiles, sounds of compassion and recognition as we comfort a friend in pain.

We’ve forgotten that the world needs us as much as we need the world, that our only job is pay attention to what we love and then give ourselves permission to embrace it.

To choose something.

And have our own backs.

Protect our time.

And prioritize our pleasure.

Making things is an essential part of being and feeling alive. It involves periods of time when we don’t know, when we feel lost, when we mess up, when we fall flat on our faces.

It doesn’t matter what you choose. Any activity done with love and presence is a spiritual activity. It feeds our soul and gives us energy. It raises our consciousness and the vibrational frequency of our family, our community, our world.

I know. Things haven’t gone the way you planned. Time has passed. People didn’t come through. You didn’t do the things you wish you had.

That breaks your heart. It’s inevitable.

So, let it break your heart wide open. And see what’s in there.

Pick it up.

Be in the Inspiration Reclamation Business.


“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing.” –Georgia O’Keeffe

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