CourageResist & Win


This is an actual picture of me after reading the news on my twitter feed. 

Some people might say, don’t read about it! Don’t listen! Don’t pay attention if it makes you upset! 

That’s no answer. 

I’m all for self-care, for titrating so I can stay resilient. 

But tuning out is not an option. 

Ignorance isn’t the path to anywhere worth going.

Information feeds my optimism.

Clarity informs the map I use to get around. 

Listen: Permission is the most important thing we can give ourselves, permission to listen, to honor what we hear, to want what we want, to start, to keep going, to finish, to be bad at something, to be good at something, to learn, to make mistakes, to change our minds, to be seen, to be heard, to not know, to absolutely know.
Permission rests on choice.

There is no freedom without choice.

We must give that freedom to ourselves first. And then we must have the courage to stand for everyone else’s.

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