Mining for joy; an exercise

Here’s a quick exercise. Set your timer for 5 minutes (Truly! No more than 5!) and write (without editing) a list of things you love.

It can be activities or things or simply feeling states that bring you joy, pleasure, satisfaction, peace, energy. There are no wrong answers!

Ready? Set your timer. GO.

When you’re done, print your list out. Pin it up somewhere. Resolve to add more of them into your life.

Here are a few of mine:

  • Laughing really hard.
  • Making other people laugh.
  • Getting dirty.
  • Having adventures.
  • Sleeping.
  • Eating berries.
  • Eating something delicious when I’m very hungry.
  • Drinking water when I’m very thirsty.
  • My morning cup o’ joe.
  • Connecting with people.
  • Feeling clear.
  • Feeling seen.
  • Feeling open.
  • Feeling IN my body.
  • Experimenting with personal style.
  • Discovering things.
  • Making things.
  • Slowing down.
  • Being in the zone.
  • Being inspired.
  • Color!
  • Pretty, comfy, fun clothes.
  • Dancing!
  • Stretching.
  • Swimming in the ocean.
  • Feeling the warm air on my bare skin.
  • Hearing under the words.
  • Telling the truth.
  • Personal transformation.
  • Cozy in the bed with a cup of tea and a book.
  • A different sort of cozy in the bed (wink wink).


“Another year is fast approaching. Go be that starving artist you’re afraid to be. Open up that journal and get poetic finally. Volunteer. Suck it up and travel. You were not born here to work and pay taxes. You were put here to be part of a vast organism to explore and create. Stop putting it off. The world has much more to offer than what’s on 15 televisions at TGI Fridays. Take pictures. Scare people. Shake up the scene. Be the change you want to see in the world.” –Jason Mraz

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