InsightsMindsetTransitionsWhat would love do?

Is that how you want to live?

Is there some part of your life that feels unsettled? Unfocused? Unresolved?

Is there some issue that feels confusing, fuzzy, something you think you’ve put to rest only to have it pop back up again, staring you in the eye?

What’s that doing there? You may say, I thought I was done with that.

No, it says. We are still here.

You can push it down, like an old balloon in the ocean, back to the unconscious or subconscious waters of your mind but sooner or later, it makes its way back to the surface. 

You can ask other people about it–What should I do about this situation, this relationship, this decision, this idea? I’m all for brainstorming, but what do they know, really? Are they you? No, they are not. They can’t know what this thing really means, what listening to it could gift you and the world, what ignoring it could cost you. The best they can do is ask good questions and reflect back what you say.

This can be helpful, for sure. 

AND, I say, you can do that for yourself.

Because you are two people. 

You are the person who doesn’t know and the person who knows.

You are the one who’s confused and the one who is crystal clear. 

You are the one who’s lost and the one who is found. 

You are the answer to your own question.

Actually, you are more than two people. You, we all, are multiple people at once, clanging with these various aspects of ourselves at different ages. (I wrote about this here.) We are the baby reaching out for my immediate needs, warmth, sleep, nourishment, touch, the toddler, insistent, impatient, impulsive, curious, the teenager, mercurial, rebellious, visionary, the adult, kind, confident, flexible, forgiving, vindictive, competitive, capable, stingy, generous. 
The one with the answers, is always with us. All we need to do is ask (which we often do, over and over) AND THEN LISTEN. 

Really listen.

Let the thing we hear be there. 

Let it stay on the surface, in the air, bobbing along.

Let it hang out as we move through the day.

Don’t jump to the HOW and let that stop us.

Don’t dismiss it as stupid, grandiose, ridiculous, silly, outrageous, embarrassing, flaky, selfish, too hard, or the one I hate the most–unrealistic (HOW I HATE THAT WORD.)

Make a little room for it.  

Write about it. Set a timer and write about it for 3 minutes without pausing or editing. Write about all the ways it can’t be done. Write about all the ways it COULD be done. Write about why you aren’t allowed to do it, have it, try it, make it. Write about it as if it was guaranteed to happen.

Imagine it as having already happened. Close your eyes. See yourself doing it, having it, experiencing it, living it. How does it feel? Where do you feel it? What other ideas, thoughts, images pop up on the water right next to it?

Pay attention to what happens in your environment–internal and external, to what you see or hear or read or think or imagine. 

These are your answers, from the universe, (if I may), from the mystery and matter-of-fact mind, body, heart of you and every other part of this world. 

Your job is to ask and listen. 

Of course, you can always not ask or ask but not listen but those things? They will just keep popping up in the water next to you, insistent, unnerving, unwilling to drown, cluttering the ocean, blocking or obscuring your true path. Is that how you want to live?

I think not, my Dear Reader.

I think not.

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