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Doing right by you

People love you, for sure. They want you to be happy. They do! They want you to do the things that make you feel excited, energized, and fulfilled. Except that often, when you start doing those things, they freak out a little.

Or a lot.

No consciously. But somewhere inside, they panic. They feel unsettled by the change.

They feel threatened by the new you emerging.

They feel afraid that you’re leaving them behind.

And you know what? You might be.

Sometimes that is what’s happening. Sometimes moving more deeply into the truth of who you are will move you away from some people in your life. Most of the time, though, your deep dive opens up a place of permission for everyone around you to step into a more truthful, more beautiful, more expansive life.

Look, you are not here to make anyone else comfortable, or uncomfortable for the matter. It’s not about shaking things up just for the sake of it. Change will happen to you–there’s no need to manufacture it.

Answering the call to shift things or shed things or start things is an act of courage. There will be more that follow, including staying strong when others freak out.

Know you are moving toward freedom, yours and theirs, whether or not they can see it.

Know that doing the wrong thing for you is never the right thing for anyone.

“Loyalty to a petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul.”–Mark Twain

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