Claim what you CRAVE

I love to make things–to draw, paint, cook, garden, rearrange the furniture, write, craft, talk, joke around.

In my soul, I know I am an artist.

When I say it out loud, I feel like a fraud. Even writing it here feels grandiose.

This is my imposter syndrome. (Hello Imposter Syndrome. ūüôā¬†¬†You can stay on the bus but you don’t get to drive.)

We get to call ourselves whatever we want because we’re the ones inside ourselves, we’re the ONLY ones here and so only we can to know what’s true, what’s in our hearts and souls. We don’t need the external trappings to know who we are. We can be adventurers without having climbed the Dawn Wall of El Capitan. We can be writers without hardcover best sellers. We can be artists without a list of galleries that carry our work.

These days, I’m actively working on claiming my creative identity. It’s my new practice. It’s pretty simple. It only takes a few minutes a day.

I stand, close my eyes, and imagine how it would feel to live in my creative power–not the specifics like I make such and such amount or have this or that sort of team, but rather: how would it feel in my BODY if I were a thousand percent connected to my creative exploration and flow?

Here’s what happens:

I feel strong, grounded, curious, excited, open, willing to be wrong, flexible, resilient, sort of kick ass. I feel healthy, comfortable in my skin, my clothes. I imagine I’m wearing cool boot/shoes that make a satisfying click on the ground as I walk. I am invitational, inclusive. I am doing collaborative projects that interest me, things that I want others to know about, to join in on, to be part of. I feel energized and tingly. I feel grateful, clear, playful.


Then I open my eyes and look around the room. I hold my arms up and out, like I am embracing a gigantic ball. I say (out loud),¬†I’m Kyra. I’m¬†an artist. Welcome to my space.¬†

It feels exhilarating. And dangerous. 

Isn’t that crazy? Claiming my own identity feels dangerous. Literally dangerous.¬†

And isn’t that wonderful? Claiming my own identity feels exhilarating. Truly energizing and expansive.

This exercise comes¬†from¬†Josh Pais and his Committed Impulse method. Check him out. He’s¬†an incredible actor, teacher, and coach.¬†

I love it. It¬†not only feels good, it is changing¬†the way¬†the atoms are moving around in my body and all around me. It’s changing (if you’ll allow me to say so) my vibration, lifting it to a higher frequency. This isn’t woo woo. Our emotional states produce¬†measurable vibrational¬†frequencies.¬†

I love it because it’s very much in line with how I help¬†clients¬†claim what they¬†crave:¬†

1. Start at the end. Goals are great but we forget that what we are after is not so much the THING but what we imagine the thing will make us FEEL. The good news is, we don’t need to wait. We can have the feeling right now.¬†

2. Take tiny steps. Martha Beck says, if you aren’t getting where you want to go, try taking smaller steps. Tiny steps get us there faster because they are manageable and therefore sustainable. As we take them and continue to take them, we build momentum. We become our own evidence.

3.¬†Bring¬†the¬†fear with you. Our fear stops us¬†because we believe it’s a sign that¬†we’re not okay, we’re¬†not ready, we’re not enough. None of those is true. We don’t need to get rid of it in order to move toward what matters. We get to bring it along.

So (you know what I’m going to ask, right?), what do you crave? Can you set aside a few minutes a day this week to start at the end? What would it feel like to be one thousand percent there,¬†right now?

Try it.

You¬†don’t need any special gear or any¬†amount of $. You only need a small patch of earth and your courageous heart.

See what happens. And let me know!

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