Gather those who get it.

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I’ve made mistakes as a mother, as my son will surely tell you. 🙂    I’ve taken him personally. I’ve yelled. I’ve repeated myself. I’ve been petty, controlling, sarcastic, defensive.    I’m super glad no one’s been following my every parenting move with a video […]



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I love that this little message of kindness is in this picture is next to some sort of what, is that a spill? A stain? Not sure, but it’s clearly a bit of a mess, yes?  That’s what we need–a bit of kindness next to every mess we see […]


Follow Your Own Path

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Last Friday, I attended the first ever high school graduation ceremony at my son’s young, independent school. There were two students, two seniors sitting proudly up on the stage in their caps and gowns Two. Next year, my son will sit up on that stage […]