Be like a scientist

At some point, you have to let it go–the thing, the person, the belief, the situation that is dragging you down. It’s too burdensome, the complaints too tired and well worn, you can recite them in your sleep–all the things you say about not having the time, about what was or wasn’t given to you or what they did or didn’t do or say, about the endless ways you let yourself down.


Stop. Let it go. Drop it right where you stand. 

Know you will face resistance. It’s not personal. I mean, it’s not personal to you. It’s universal. Our brain’s are hard-wired for story. Even a bad story is preferable to uncertainty, to not knowing what would happen if.

As kids, we were never content to take someone’s word for anything. We had to get our hands on it, whatever it was, test it out, give it a try. Somewhere along the way, we’ve forgotten that. We’ve gotten stuck inside rules we may not even be aware we are living by, rules that are running the show, stopping us before we even start.

The trick is to channel your inner scientist.

We knew how to do this when we were little but at some point we replaced that boldness and curiosity with a grim and certain, This Is What Works and This Never Will.

We need to drop all that and get back to experimenting.

Experiments can’t really fail, because as long as you do them, something will happen. Maybe not what you wanted or wished for, not what you expected but whatever happens will be 100% useful, even if it’s, Well, I’ll never try that shit again.

Start with something short: a 7-day challenge. 7 days of saying No when you mean No, doing 5 minutes of stretching or yoga, writing a daily haikus, wearing only your favorite clothes, taking a selfie, meditating before bed or when you first wake up, answering How are you? honestly, like, I can’t stop yelling about that asshole Trump or Actually, I can’t believe what happened to my neck, or simply, Pass. 

Do it not to do it perfectly or to accomplish something. Do it just to see what might happen. Do it with the heart of a scientist. Do it from a place of wonder. 

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