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Here’s what I have to say today: Ask.

Do it even though sometimes it’s hard to remember or scary to muster the courage to sit with the excruciating vulnerability that asking can bring.

Don’t wait for her to figure it out or for him catch your disappointed vibe.

Ask for the hug or help cleaning the kitchen or for a cup of tea to be brought to the couch where you’re pinned under the weight of the world. Ask for your back to be scratched in that spot that keeps jumping around somewhere just inside your left shoulder blade.

Ask to be asked about your work or your dream or your sorrow.

Ask for help googling something.

Ask for more information.

Ask for more time.

Ask for it be said another way. 

Ask for a do-over.

Ask him to stop doing that thing you don’t like (or to start doing that thing you do). 

Ask for quiet.

Ask for a round of applause.

Ask for forgiveness.

Ask her what she always wanted to be asked. And then ask to be asked the same. 

Ask for what you want. (You may need to ask yourself first.)

It’s not even so much about the answer. It’s the asking itself that grows us.

Plus, if you never ask, you never know. Think of what you might be missing. 🙂

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