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The truth of who you are

Today I have a simple message: We are all creative.






Creativity is our birthright.

There are not creative people and uncreative people. There are only people.

Connecting to our creativity is a spiritual practice.

It is essential.

It feeds the soul.

If we don’t feed it, we get sick–a physical sickness or a soul sickness.

This soul sickness cuts us off from our vitality, from the fire of our innate curiosity. We end up feeling flat, cut off, numb or angry, hurt, resentful, or tight, pinched, brittle.

A mild disappointment settles in. We try to make do with how things turned out, shove ourselves into the itchy pantsuit of What Isn’t Meant to Be. We distract ourselves with plans or purchases, justifications for our inaction or worse yet–harshly criticize ourselves for the ways we came up short. 

There is a whole faction that wants us that way, wants us feeling worried, wanting, looking over our shoulder or over here and there to quickly figure out what we’re missing, what we have to do or say or wear or purchase to catch up or to matter. 

I fall prey. I do. I sit down to write and then next thing I know, I’m on the Instagram, clicking through an ad for a new lipliner or wearable silicon glove-sponges! Oh! I need these things! My lips aren’t okay! My sponges are killing me! 

I forget that I’m a creator not a consumer, that my job here, maybe my only one, is to plug into what lights me up and then move from that place, that place of fullness and spark rather than of emptiness and a low grade panic.

It can be a subtle shift but man, I think it’s radical, subversive even. 

This world has powerful transformation and evolutionary forces and powerful pulls of resistance that are really not personal. I’m not a Let’s Make It Always Be Sunny kind of a person. There is darkness and difficulty and pain and the constant unknown as well as beauty and joy and ease and grace and it’s all some kind of a pulse, is’t it?  Like the breath, the ocean, the breaking and ending of day.

We get sucked into the other plane and the best part can be what gifts we bring when we return. Isn’t that why we love stories, dance, music, art?  Isn’t that why we need them? 

I think the trick is not eliminating difficult situations or feelings but remembering who we are: creators. 

What lights you up?

What tickles your fancy?

What makes you smile, giggle, laugh out loud?

When do you feel open, light, expansive, excited, inspired, joyful, engaged? 

Those are all clues to your creative impulses, your creative pulse, your creative stream. 

No matter how long its been since you dipped into those waters, know they have not run dry.

They can’t. Not as long as you’re alive.

They are a spring, your spring, bubbling up from the mystery of life itself. 

It might be in the work you do or in the simple but profound ways you live your life, in how you treat yourself and others, in how you make your home, your food, your nightstand, your peace.

Dear << Test First Name >>, carve out five minutes today for something that sparks your inspiration. Five minutes. Okay, ten. 

Walk around the block and notice the exquisite beauty of a naked tree.

Beautify one shelf.

Buy fresh flowers.

Browse art books, cookbooks, garden books, craft magazines, travel magazines.

Walk through a yarn store, a spice shop, a garden shop.

Light a candle and watch the flame.

Watch funny previews.

Have a bath.

Read poetry.

Write a haiku.

Boogie around your living room.

Sing your heart out in the car.

Draw something. 

Play something.

Make something.

Daydream something. 

If you haven’t a clue, set a timer for 3 minutes and write. Try finishing these sentences:

I love reading about…
I love learning about…
I love imagining…
I love when I see…
I love when I feel…
I love when I hear…

Remember how radical it is to simply remember the truth of who you are.  

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