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Let Go Of Professionalism

“Let go of professionalism” is something I heard Kyle Cease say more than once.

It’s true. And wise. And goes against the common understanding of how to ‘get ahead’ or do our careers. It’s also easy to misunderstand. He’s not advising us to be thoughtless, careless, or unreliable. He’s advising us to break free of the constraints of all the SHOULDs.

One of the biggest should has to do with age.


It’s a mind fuck because the older you get the more weight the number takes on IN THE EYES OF THE UNINFORMED.

Don’t be swept up in the mass mind. Think for yourself. Stay in the moment where all things are possible. That is the entry point to the unseen world. The NOW.

Let go of professionalism.

Let go of what you think you’re supposed to do, say, look like, care about, how the path ought to go, what anyone will think if you stumble or if you make an abrupt about-face and set out in an entirely different direction, or even if you plop in a heap on the side of the road mumbling, I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know…

Let go of having to cut a particular figure, say things a particular way, go about a particular endeavor–ANY ENDEAVOR–according to how it’s been done in the past.

Let go of what you didn’t do what you didn’t finish, or what you did do and wish you hadn’t, what you said to that person, what you didn’t say that one time (or decade).

Let go of what you think this situation requires of you in order to put yourself out there. It doesn’t require anything other than what you have.

The most thrilling things to see are real.

We need real, now more than ever.

That is all.

Go to it.

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