"We are what we love, not what loves us."–Charlie Kaufman, Adaptation.





See that picture? See how that leaf is front, center, and clear? See how everything else just fades into the background? 

That’s what we need to do: pick one thing, put it in our sights, and keep it there.

Don't waste time on what. Pick something. You know what it is.

Don't get stuck on how. You discover the how AS YOU MOVE, not before you begin.

Don't wait for proof that it's the right thing or that it will 'work'.  Test it out. See for yourself. 

Our biggest mistake comes from overloading ourselves with To Do lists a mile long. It's no wonder we never feel a sense of peace or accomplishment. 

The power's not in your life situation. It's inside of you!

Harvest the wisdom from your past and collect evidence in your present. That's all you need!

Give yourself a challenge—see it as an experiment. You can’t fail. Because failure is both a unavoidable part of success AND an illusion. It all depends on how we frame it. As an experiment, all ‘results’ are information. 

You're not here to become a bigger caterpillar. You're here to transform into a whole new creature.  How do we do that?

  • Play
  • Choose
  • Test
  • Notice
  • Own
  • Bless

PLAY: Use body compass to make LISTS! What do you want? Toward versus Away (Creating versus Reacting!) (What do you WANT versus what do you NOT want?)

CHOOSE: Act versus Think (Choosing versus Trying to Decide) (Risk!) Life is short. What will you feel the most sorrow for not having done? Experiments can’t fail b/c they are about discovery! What would happen, etc.,

TEST: Verb versus Noun! Serve versus Please. Takes the personality out of it! You are here to offer. Your business is being AUTHENTIC! That’s your gift to the world! Everything is a collaboration not a competition

NOTICE: Allow versus Resist (Mindfulness/ Self-Compassion!) Allow the full range of human emotions/experiences. Everybody gets to stay on the bus! ACT Therapy. Being pulled by your values!

OWN: Wisdom versus Woe (Harvest the wisdom! Look at the thoughts! The Work. Own your story! Heroine/Hero versus Victim! Don’t waste time on the WHY. WHY did it happen. The only real thing is what’s happening now! (write a letter to yourself.)

BLESS = passageway between you and the universe. We give gratitude every day not for what we have or what we feel but just because we ARE. Being in the NOW. Writing a letter to yourself. To someone else. To the universe.





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