Get in the Inspiration Business

What business do you want to be in?

The money-making business?

The influence-gaining business?

The play-it-safe business?

The go-with-the-flow business?

I’m 60 years old and I’m still figuring out what I want to do with my life but I’m clear that the business I want to be in has nothing to do with the trade or the product or the field or the fame and has everything to do with Inspiration.

I want to be in the Inspiration Reclamation Business.

Inspiration comes from the latin word inspirare meaning to breath in.

Yes. That’s what I want.

I want to breath in. I want to experience the space that creates, the vitality that comes from feeling a sudden hit of possibility and permission and pathway.

It can come from something I see or hear or read. It can come from a dream, a work of art, a conversation, the natural world. It can come from pain or pleasure, tragedy or triumph. It can come from anywhere that holds a kernel of truth.

Inspiration is personal. It comes in many forms. But for all, it brings a clarity and ENERGY that propels, that energizes, that frees us from the constraints of fear and doubt just enough to get us into action.

And taking action is KEY.

The power is in the DOING.

So my Dear Reader, what will it take to get you in the Inspiration Reclamation Business?

What fills you up?

You may not know. That’s okay, Start where you are. Begin to notice. It may come to you as a POW or a flash or it may come as a tiny nudge.

Inspiration is in you. It IS you. It’s the very breath of life.

Take notes.

Take heart.

Take flight.

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