Everything is a practice

How much of anything is One and Done?

I’m sure someone can come up with an answer, but I’m talking about the spirit of the question.

You have a body. Then comes the tending.

You have a home. Then comes the tending.

You have a new relationship. Then comes the tending.

You have a child. Then comes the tending.

You plant a garden. Then comes the tending.

You own things. Then comes the tending.

You lose things. Then comes the tending.

You hang on to things. Then comes the tending.

I know there are people who have no regrets. What’s done is done! La la! I leave my past behind!!  


But everybody is dragging around their past, to some degree.


It’s not–are you dragging around your past but rather, what do you do when you notice that big (small? medium-size?)  trunk of crap scraping the ground behind you?

I’m certainly dragging around stuff I don’t need. So, how do I let it go?

If it were my last day on earth, I would let it go. I would! That finite period of time would LASAR focus me in a second. Everything meaningful and true would leap forward and everything else would fall away.

It’s harder when we forget how short our time here really is and get mired in the every day and keep forgetting to get to what matters because we don’t believe we’re allowed or good enough or mistakenly think we need to know more before we start and then all this time goes by…

When we talk about our regrets, people say, Let it go! It’s over! And they’re right but it’s usually about as effective as yelling WOULD YOU JUST CALM THE F DOWN FOR GOD’S SAKE to someone in a panic.

Lately I’ve been thinking, maybe letting go, for most of us, isn’t a One and Done. It’s more like committing to a new habit, a new way of eating or kinder self-talk.

Maybe it’s a PRACTICE.

Maybe it’s something you do every moment you notice the tug, the weight of that trunk and instead of judging yourself for having it or for not having gotten rid of it, you stop.

Open it up.

Look inside.

See what’s there & Marie Kondo that shit: Thank it for whatever it taught you and sort it in either the Give Away or Throw Away pile.

And when it happens again, tend to it. Again.

Pull the weeds. Again.

Wash the dishes. Again.

Put yourself in the path of what brings you joy. Again. Again. Again.

What is it for you, Dear Reader, that brings you joy, or even simply, replenishment?

A cup of tea? A nap? Talking to a dear friend? Sitting in a patch of sunshine with your dog or cat on your lap? Listening to a piece of music? Eating a scrumptious meal? Beautifying your bedside table? Moving your body? Getting in nature? The color turquoise?

Make a list. Put it up where you can see it every day.

Joy is a practice. too.

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