Bless those who leave

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Someone unsubscribed from my newsletter last week. Didn’t like the content, I imagine. Okay. I’d like to say I didn’t spend one moment thinking about it, but I did. I thought, huh, maybe I shouldn’t have posted that naked picture? Maybe I shouldn’t have talked […]

The TAO of You

There is no Nanny…

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I used to say, I wish I had a big-bosomed Irish nanny to burst through my door and make me get to what matters. She’s not mean. She’s matter of fact, no-nonsense, practical in her methods. “That’s the way, love,” she says as she pulls the curtains […]

Body Compass

What if it’s all okay?

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What if it’s all okay? What if how you feel is okay? Even if right now, things really suck. I’m not telling you that the thing that sucks right now is ‘meant to be’ or ‘for your highest good’ but I am suggesting that the feelings […]