Which will it be?

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Not everyone is going to like what you do. Do it anyway. Not everyone is going to like what you say. Say it anyway. Not everyone is going to love what you love. Love it anyway. Now, I’m not talking about being an ass! I’m […]


Everybody gets to stay on the bus

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Imagine yourself in a car with a terrified toddler. She’s in a full-blown panic about something that doesn’t really make any sense. The fear, for her, is real. But YOU know that she’s operating with a wee, unformed brain. She doesn’t have all the information–she’s two!    She’s sure […]

The TAO of You

Your Big Heart

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There’s a big heart in all of us that holds all our answers. It’s full and strong and resilient and pulsing with love, endless love, for you and all of your human everything-ness. It sees you, welcomes you, ADORES you, has wisdom for you. No matter how […]


Set Yourself Free

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I would like to start this off by sharing some things about myself: I can be a pushy, rigid, controlling, know-it-all, sure that my way is the right way. I can get stuck in regret and horrendous self-criticism about what I didn’t do or should have done. I can compare myself to others, making them […]


Stand Still

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You, in this moment, are this leaf: frozen in time, fantastic, fleeting and soon, if not already, falling to the ground.    Before you were this leaf, you were its bud, and before that, a bump, and before that, a promise, a shadow, an energetic space calling […]