Your sweet eyes

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Color! ‘Aint it grand? It’s a feast for the eyes, a feast I believe we need to feel our most resilient and inspired.  (If you live in the northeast like I do, you’re probably starved for it at this time of year!) We’re in a rental until the end of June so […]



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I love that this little message of kindness is in this picture is next to some sort of what, is that a spill? A stain? Not sure, but it’s clearly a bit of a mess, yes?  That’s what we need–a bit of kindness next to every mess we see […]


Stand Still

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You, in this moment, are this leaf: frozen in time, fantastic, fleeting and soon, if not already, falling to the ground.    Before you were this leaf, you were its bud, and before that, a bump, and before that, a promise, a shadow, an energetic space calling […]