What you really want

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I had a dream that I was carrying around a placenta in a leaky fabric pouch. It was warm and very Waldorf-y and kind of a mess. I began to feel dread. I had done something wrong. Been negligent. Cause irreparable harm. Then I realized the placenta belonged […]


Poke a hole in it

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I’ve been thinking lately that I ought to call myself a Mindset Coach. I mean what else is there?  Our thoughts create feelings which form beliefs that drive our behavior that lead to more thoughts and more feelings, solidifying belief systems and ingraining habits that we often call […]


Start Here

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You don’t need to get to any other place before you start something new.   Do you need a little encouragement today? Harry Bernstein wrote and wrote and wrote and finally published his memoir to critical acclaim when he was 96. He published his second at […]