Take. Up. Space

“Take up space. Do not minimize yourself for the convenience of others.” –Tanya Ingram

I kicked the TV out and claimed this space for myself.

I bought some plants. I set up lights. I painted one of my old file cabinets to match my new chair cover.

Now I have a place to write, a place to paint, a place to sit, and room to spare.

I love it.

I’m taking up space.

I had to ask for this, more than once. Well, truthfully, I didn’t really ask so much as announce my desire.

I want to set up a work space in the TV room.

Where’s the TV going to go?

I don’t know, downstairs?

Well, how is that going to work?

I don’t know, but somehow because I really need more room.

There were more conversations. I just kept repeating myself.

I really did not want to stay in the little office I’ve used since we moved in over a decade ago. I could have, I could have squeezed in there and made it work but I don’t want to ‘make it work.’ I don’t want to squeeze myself into anything anymore—rooms, clothes, relationships.


I needed to expand.

We all need it. We need to take up space, have a voice, push against the confines of our routines.

It doesn’t have to be a big space. It’s really not about the physical space at all. It’s about an evolution that wants (and needs) to happen.

What is next? That’s the question.

I’m finding out, here, in this new space.

What’s next for you?

Where are you being called to expand?

To say no, not yet, not now, never?

To say, yes?

To say, I don’t know. I need more time, I need more information?

To say nothing?

To say everything, breathlessly, haltingly, windingly, angrily, gently, awkwardly?

In fact, yes, say it awkwardly.

Ask your heart for the expansion that wants to happen and then find someone trustworthy and say it out loud, as awkwardly as you can muster.

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