Hi. I’m Kyra.

I want to know how you are.

I mean, how you really are.

Are you happy? Do the activities, situations, and people in your life fill you up or suck you dry?

Are you excited to get up in the morning or do you stumble out of bed at the last possible moment, numb, sad, or muttering between sips of your 42-ounce coffee?

Are you satisfied at the end of the day or do you lie awake, fondling your regrets or fretting about the future?

Do you encourage, champion, and comfort yourself through the unavoidable setbacks and challenges of life or do you let loose a scathing litany of your every failing since toddlerhood until you collapse in a heap of ice cream, potato chips, and Netflix?

There’s a way out. It’s actually a way in, to your own, built-in compass that is always and forever trying to guide you toward your best life.

See, the problem isn’t you. 

The problem is noiseIt comes from everywhere—our culture, our workplace, our family, our friends. But mostly, it comes from inside of you, masquerading as you.

Let me help you turn down the volume so you can hear what's underneath "I should" so you can say Yes when you mean yes, No when you mean no, and Let me get back to you when you need more time.   


“Kyra’s keen ability to both listen to the small details and see the larger picture anchors me time and time again. And, my lord, she always makes me laugh!! I leave our sessions with greater insight into myself and my choices, thoughts and path, as well as a renewed (or newfound) sense of hope and direction.”

Katrina Fiebig Founder & Director, The Ethel Streit School

“I was overwhelmed and frustrated in my business, with so many ideas, without any clear next steps. Kyra helped me get clear on mapping out a plan to deliver my first workshop and put together a group coaching program for women. Kyra is an AMAZING coach who is positive, refreshing, and diligent in helping you reach your goals.”



Raphaela Browne Transformation & Career Coach

“Kyra is AMAZING! She is a master at asking the right questions at just the right time, quickly getting to the heart of the matter while still making you feel safe and above all, heard. She approaches sticky issues without judgement, listening intently and providing honest and heartfelt support. Whether you need a staunch cheerleader or a swift kick in the rear, Kyra is the kind of coach every woman deserves to have in her corner!”

Nicole Diaz Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Artist